My name is Jason Van Tassel. I'm the creative director, designer, dreamer, inventor and owner of Vivid Advertising + Design. For more than 25 years I have had the pleasure of being part of the creative world. I have worn many hats and have performed many tasks during my tenure as a designer. I marvel at how technology has transformed this industry and continues to open new avenues for creativity to flow. With the combination of today's technology and my foundation of creative experience I am able to generate proven design solutions that intrigue customers and generate leads. I can't wait to show you how clever creative and exceptional design will transform your brand. Let's go!

Clients (Past and present)

Anderson Sorenson Homes 

Bremer Bank

Boozy Bakery

Cirus Controls 
Clinical Reference Laboratory 

Gungnir Engineering

Eye Candy Refund

Indian Motorcycles

Harley Davidson

Industrial Netting

Land O’Lakes Purina Feed 

Like Seven Photography
Magtech Ammunition 
Morries Automotive Group 

North Memorial Health

Nexstar Network 

Nol-Tec Systems 

Patterson Dental 

Polaris Motorsports

Radar Wheels

Riedell Skates 

Scotch Brand Products 

Taymark - Anderson's Prom

Tesco - Asia 

Thern Cranes 

Waterous Pumps 

Whistling Valley Development 

Wilson Tool International 

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